Your 2018 Guide to Hardwood Flooring

With the New Year approaching, there has never been a better time for a home renovation. And what better place to start than with your floors! Setting the tone for the rest of the room, it is important you choose the right floor for your space and interior. With the increasing popularity of solid hardwood, we have picked the best trends set to make their mark in 2018.

Colour Trends

For the coming year, colour is very much focused on the extremes.

  • Extra dark with cool tones
    For larger spaces, dark woods look elegant and classy, giving your room a luxurious feel. Replacing warm, red undertones with cool browns, this works well with both the walls and floors. Popular shades include Ebony, Dark Walnut and Espresso.
  • Greys and whitewashes
    The grey trend is continuing into 2018, alongside the stylish grey beige blend, known as greige. As a neutral base, grey floors complement virtually any colour interior. Whitewash floors will make a room airy, giving the illusion of more space. Depending on your interior, you can embrace beach vibes or an upscale, modern theme.
  • Natural
    Blonde woods are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners – highly versatile, decor choices can range from contemporary and classic to homely and rustic.

Hardwood Finishes

With glossy and shiny finishes out, 2018 is all about natural looking sheens.

  • Matte
    A practical finish, matte floors are easy to maintain and give your floor a warm and modern feel.
  • Satin
    Located in between glossy and matte, a satin finish provides a subtle shine that is not overpowering. Unlike glossy, dirt and scratches are easier to disguise under a satin sheen.

Hardwood Designs

Take a look at some of the popular styles set to take over in 2018:

  • Wide planks
    Great for making small spaces seem bigger, wide long planks open a room up and add an authentic twist, especially to older homes.
  • Varied widths
    Create a customised floor by adding wood planks in mixed widths. This extra detail draws the eye in and gives a floor character.
  • Keep it simple
    Some room layouts will not suit varied widths or patterns like chevron and herringbone. If this is the case, wide boards laid in single strips will provide a fresh, balanced look.

To find your ideal floor for the New Year, view our range online.

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