How to Mix Wooden Floors and Furniture

We often get asked what the rules are around mixing different types of wooden furniture. You might have collected darker furniture over the years, but are now looking to upgrade your floors to something lighter. Mixing wood styles isn’t quite as bad as wearing double denim. Here’s a few suggestions to get you thinking about your new style.

Keep It Interesting

Variety is the key to keeping your space interesting. Don’t be afraid to play with different textures, patterns and styles. Matching floors and furniture flattens the room and it all starts to blend into one. Over time, tastes change so keeping your furniture and flooring flexible is the key to creating a great space. We recommend capping it at three or four different styles of wood.


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Whilst matching the tones exactly isn’t recommended, there should be some cohesion between your floor and furniture. Check to see if your floor has a warm or cool colour base and match your pieces from there. If you already have the furniture and not the floor, talk to our team for some suggestions to complement your existing style.

Break It Up

Putting a large solid wood table directly onto a wooden floor may highlight the difference in wood. Breaking it up with a rug creates a brilliant buffer and ties the difference in tone and texture together. Again, try to blend the undertones to create a more cohesive style.

Stick with the Style

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Where possible, try to keep the grain similar across your pieces. The grain of the wood will affect the overall feel and mood of your décor. Hardwood pieces with a finer grain tend to be more formal whereas larger softwood grains tend to be more casual and relaxed.

Don’t be too concerned with trying to find the perfect match, it’s all about personal taste. Talk to the GetFloors team about your wooden flooring options so we can find a solution to make you feel at home.

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