Choosing a Durable Floor

There are many things you need to consider when looking for a new floor, but how high does durability rank on your list? If you have kids, pets or regular visitors, you should consider the following hard-wearing floors that can withstand plenty of foot traffic.


Although solid hardwood floors are not 100% scratch-proof, it’s durability lies in the fact that it can be sanded and refinished numerous times, taking the floor back to its original condition. With that in mind, natural hardwood is still a highly resilient material and if well-maintained can last for years. You should compare the Janka hardness rating for each floor you consider as they can vary in hardness. For example in the Get Floors range, Grey Box has a high rating (very durable) whereas Tasmanian Oak is a softer wood with a lower rating making it more susceptible to dents.


As well as being an eco-friendly option, certain types of bamboo are also incredibly hard-wearing. The durability mainly depends on the age of the bamboo, the finish and the construction. Later-harvested bamboo is stronger than young bamboo and requires 7-8 coats of finish to increase durability. In terms of construction, bamboo that is strand-woven and combined with quality man-made adhesive ranks high in strength and toughness.


For places of high footfall, laminate is a good option thanks to its scratch-resistant properties and resilient top layer. You can compare the durability of different laminates by looking at the Abrasion Class (AC) ratings found under the product details. Ranging from AC1 (reasonable) to AC5 (heavy), this tells you how sustainable the floor is when dealing with everyday traffic.

The only downfall with laminate is moisture, which dents its durability ranking. Avoid installing in moisture-prone areas which will damage the laminate materials.


For busy household areas, cork is a good flooring option as it is a soft and flexible material that bounces back to its original state following heavy foot traffic. The softness of the floor does mean that sharp objects like high-heels should be avoided and floor protectors should be placed underneath heavy furniture. Cork can have long-lasting durability but only if treated with care and maintained correctly. It is also highly resistant to moisture which increases its durability in wetter areas.

For more information on floor durability, contact one of our friendly flooring professionals at Get Floors.

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