What is Engineered Timber Flooring?

Engineered Timber flooring is a product composed of 2 or more layers of material adhered to each other, forming a plank. The exposed top layer is hardwood, its species usually giving its name to the product, whilst the core of each plank is an engineered timber product such as fiber board or plywood. The planks either have a tongue and groove profile or a lock in profile. The product can be glued down, but is usually floated.

What is a floating floor?

A floating floor is a non-structural floor which “floats” on top of the structural sub-floor. This means that it is not directly attached (glued or nailed) to the subfloor.

What is flooring underlay?

Flooring underlay is a product which is installed between an existing structural sub-floor, and the non-structural floor. In the case of floating floors, the underlay is a rubbery material, usually 2mm thick (some products are thicker), which cushions the floating floor, provides sound absorption, and may also provide a moisture barrier. In the case of solid overlay flooring, the underlay, such as non-structural plywood, serves as an intermediary between the overlay floor and the structural floor. The underlay is attached to the structural floor such as joists or concrete slab, whilst the overlay floor is attached to the underlay

What is solid timber overlay?

Solid timber overlay is solid timber which is installed over an existing structural floor. It has a thinner profile than structural timber planks, 14mm or less, and so is not suitable as a structural floor. The overlay is installed either over particleboard, which is in turn installed over existing structural timber, or over plywood, which is in turn installed over a concrete slab.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is type of flooring that imitates timber and sometimes stone flooring. The core of the laminate plank is typically fibreboard, over which a photographic image is adhered. The product is then protected with multiple layers of clear, scratch resistant material.

What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is product composed of a synthetic vinyl core, over which is adhered printed design layer. The product is subsequently protected with polyurethane coatings. Vinyl floors can be manufactured either as individual planks or as a material roll which is glued down.

How is a floating floor installed?

Floating floors are installed over an existing structural floor, either concrete slab, solid timber floors, or other structural subfloors. An underlay is rolled out over the structural subfloor, and the floating floor planks are either locked in to each other, or glued in if the product has a tongue and groove profile. The planks are not directly nailed or glued to the subfloor. A 10mm gap must be left around the edge of the floor to allow for expansion. This 10mm gap between the floor and the existing skirting is subsequently covered with scotia or beading.