Trending Hardwood Finishes that will Transform Your Home

Different colors have the ability to affect a person’s mood, and are used strategically by interior designers to convey emotion, purpose, and perception. As a continuous focal point in your home, the type of flooring you choose will set the tone for any future interior design efforts. Although there are thousands of different timber flooring finishes now being sold, there are three finish styles in particular that have caught the attention of interior designers and DIY homeowners alike. Today, we’ll take a look at the visual effects dark, grey, and white-washed hardwood floors have on a home’s interior.

Dark Finished Floors

One of the primary reasons interior designers choose dark finishes is because it works well with rustic and contemporary styles. Homeowners with lightly colored walls should consider installing a deep-toned floor because the contrast between the wall’s tone and flooring’s texture will create a more prominent sense of natural light, while creating the illusion of more floor space. This technique works particularly well if the home has existing furniture that closely resembles the floor tone, as upholstery and dressers can act as accent pieces and tie the design together. Homeowners who want to add light to their home with a dark floor, but are seeking a more rustic look should choose a plank style that is highly textured, with a heavy grain pattern and a number of knots.

White Washed Floors

As one of the most commonly used colors in interior design[a3] , white washed floors have become extremely popular with designers who want to add contemporary flair to a rustic country-style home. Best known for their popularity in the 1980’s, white washed timber flooring has been pushing for a comeback since the turn of the century[a4] . Although they will generally cost slightly more than a dark-colored floor, white washed flooring gives homeowners the blank canvas they need to add depth and contrast to their home’s interior with multi-toned furniture such as chairs, breakfast bars, and tables.

Grey Flooring

Since 2015, the color grey has worked its way into the interior design industry for its ability to double as a neutral and accent color. Depending on the finish color and lacquer used to protect the planks, grey timber flooring can offer itself as a soft and calming base for a rustic style home, or a slick and edgy accent to contemporary design styles.  Because of its ability to work with so many different designs, grey has become a popular finish color for timber flooring in Australia.   To start brainstorming, take a look at our Genuine French Oak Rustic Grey Plank.

Picking the perfect finish can be challenging if you haven’t already decided on an interior theme for your home. When deciding on a tone for your new timber flooring, take some time to also consider what kind of furniture and accent pieces will best compliment (or contrast) that finish. Not only will this tactic give you a better idea of what your home will look like after the upgrade, it will also ensure you don’t select a floor that clashes with your interior design. Once you’ve selected a theme for your home, take some time to look through our extensive selection of floorboards. You’ll find hardwood flooring in each of the finishes we discussed above; once you’ve selected the perfect plank style, or if you need help picking the perfect plank for your home, contact our team to discuss when and how your new flooring will be installed.

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