2017 Floor Styles to Use With This Year’s Interior Design Trends

Interior design styles always impact flooring trends, but staying up-to-date on the latest fashions without a little help is difficult. Interior design trends come into style, disappear, then return in full force when pop culture least expects it. This year’s new home designs will also affect the popularity of 2017 flooring styles, which means following the ever-changing interior styles is a great way to pick a floor that will match with your future décor. To help you pick a floor that will blend well with modern designs, look at the 2017 flooring trends that will grow in popularity this year.

1. Authentic Wood Floors Regardless of the floor’s tone, authentic timber planks add a warm, rustic look to your home. In addition to being one of the most beautiful types of flooring, timber planks can last anywhere from 80-100 years if cared for properly. As for design, any of 2017’s hottest interior design colors will match perfectly with the variety of hardwood plank tones, regardless of whether you choose to install a dark or light-toned floor.

2. Bamboo Renewable resources are becoming more popular with homeowners and interior designers – the “organic matter” trend that’s appearing throughout Australia is just one of the tell-tale signs of this eco-friendly shift. Those who aren’t familiar with bamboo flooring will notice that these floors have a similar look to hardwood, yet the material itself is actually more water resistant than solid timber.

3. Reclaimed Wood Thanks to the push for eco-friendly interiors, recycled materials are growing in popularity throughout Australia. Reclaimed timber floors are a 100% eco-friendly flooring option; because they are entirely made from recycled hardwood, no new trees are ever harmed during the making of the floor.

4. Large Tile When it comes to tile in 2017, bigger is better. Experts say that 2017 flooring styles will include large tile floors, particularly in unique shapes like hexagons and brick patterns. One reason large tile is now a trend is because of the sleek, open look it offers – not to mention fewer grout lines to clean!

5. Cork Tribe patterns are an extremely popular trend in Australia right now, and cork’s neutral, earthly tones compliment the “tribe” look perfectly while providing sound control to the household by absorbing noise in its soft surface.

Cork comes in approximately forty different colors, and is very comfortable to walk on. As you can see, many of the 2017 flooring styles are environmentally friendly, with the exception of large tiles and new (unregulated) timber floors. Reclaimed wood, bamboo, and cork are largely popular due to their environmental sustainability; new wood floors will continue to be popular for their durability, but also because they can match the new 2017 color palate being used by interior designers around the country.

If you’re interested in viewing some of these floors, browse through our cork, bamboo, and wood selection today.

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