Flooring Shades that Make a Big Impression

When it comes to picking out your perfect floor, the variety of colours can make it an overwhelming choice as you try to pick out the right shade for your space. Different colours convey different meanings so it is important to choose the one that suits your style and room. Here is a list of popular flooring shades and how they can add to your space:

1.   Brown

A traditional colour option for floors, the colour brown is associated with stability, comfort and practicality, preferring to blend into the background as other colours take the centre of attention. If you have a bold interior, pair with a brown-tinted floor to let the interior take centre stage. For outdoor lovers, brown floors can be accompanied with rustic furniture to create a nature-inspired look.

2.   Beige

For a light and neutral shade of flooring, beige is great at opening up rooms, especially if you want a small room to appear bigger and brighter. The colour beige shares the warmth associated with brown whilst still exuding cool, fresh tones. Floors in this shade add an airiness to a cramped room, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

3.   White

Similar to beige, white floors add lightness and space to a room, no matter what size. It is a peaceful colour that conveys purity, cleanliness and softness. It is a great colour if you are searching for an upmarket, contemporary feel for your home. It also has a beach vibe and is perfect for homes near the ocean (or looking to imitate this style).

4.   Black

On the opposite end of the spectrum, black is a colour that radiates prestige, style and elegance. It is a staple flooring colour that complements modern interiors with its luxurious appearance. Known to make a space feel smaller, it works well in larger, minimalistic spaces.

5.   Red

Floors with rich shades of red running through them can add depth and dimension to an otherwise plain room. Red is a vibrant colour that emits radiance, energy and warmth. A floor with red undertones creates a cosy feel whereas deep reds make a bold statement that can be emphasised against a backdrop of grand furniture.

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