Benefits of Using Recycled Timber Flooring in Sydney

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 goal has inspired an eco-friendly movement throughout the population. As the city becomes more environmentally conscious, consumers are focused on reducing their personal impact on the environment.

As a result, recycled timber flooring has been thrown into the spotlight as one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available.  Today, we’ll look at the specific benefits of using recycled hardwood. Enjoy!

What is Recycled Timber?

Recycled timber is previously used hardwood that has been reclaimed and carefully refurbished to produce a new, eco-friendly product.

The majority of recycled timber comes from:

  • Old beams
  • Wharfs
  • Railroad ties

The Appeal of Recycled Hardwood

Why do so many eco-friendly consumers prefer recycled hardwood? The answer is two-fold.

Not only do homeowners get to enjoy a floor with a history, they also get the pleasure of knowing that they made an environmentally conscious choice.

There are three primary factors that make recycled timber flooring so unique:

Appearance: Unlike new hardwood floors, recycled timber planks have a rustic appearance. Although they have been refinished and, recycled planks maintain the look of their age. Many people enjoy this rustic appearance, and use it to their advantage in unique interior design schemes.  

Impact: Compared to new hardwood floors, recycled planks have an incredibly minimal impact on the environment. Because no additional trees were cut in order to produce your floor, this is the best way to ensure your floor is entirely eco-friendly.

Durability: While most recycled hardwood floor fans know that the look and sustainability of these floors is superior to new hardwood, what they don’t know is that recycled hardwood floors are also more durable than newly cut wood as well. This is because the wood used to produce recycled planks is often much older growth, which makes it more dense. A win-win!  

 The Take-aways: 

Hardwood floors – whether recycled or new – are a smart step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Unlike vinyl and carpeting, the raw materials harvested for hardwood planks come from natural resources. Furthermore, every cubic foot of hardwood that is cut down is replaced with 1.66 cubic feet of new trees.

But the benefits of hardwood go beyond the environment.  Instead, timber floors have been known to improve home value in many property markets, including Sydney.  Homeowners who are interested in dramatically reducing their environmental impact should consider new FSC certified timber planks; if your budget allows for an upgrade, recycled hardwood floors should be your next option.

To learn more about the available recycled hardwood floor planks in Sydney right now, call us today at 1300 823 958.

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