Parquetry Patterns for your New Floor

In our previous blog we gave a brief overview of parquet floors, looking at the different wood types, places to lay and floor maintenance. We also touched on patterns but didn’t go into detail as we wanted to bring you a blog dedicated to just that. There are many different parquetry designs so let’s look at a few in more detail:


The herringbone design is one of the most popular choices when installing a parquet floor. To achieve this look, planks are laid in a V shape at a 90-degree angle, resembling a zigzag. This classic style instantly adds sophistication, especially in large rooms. It is particularly effective when installed in long, narrow part of the house as the V shape gives proportion and draws the eye in.

Square on square

This is a traditional pattern that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It comprises of squares made from four planks of equal size. The squares are then arranged horizontally and vertically to one another. It has a strong uniformity and works particularly well in square shaped rooms.


This pattern is very similar to square on square, however two different lengths of wood form rectangles as well as squares. They are then laid in the same way, horizontally and vertically, square then rectangle. This pattern works well in open-plan spaces, acting as a frame to give dimension.


This design, as the name suggests, gives a basketweave effect of rectangular planks going under and over each other. If you want your floor to be the main focus, you can incorporate different colours of wood or accented squares to really make a statement.


Planks are laid like brickwork to create this pattern which works well in small rooms to give the impression of more space. Different shades of wood can also be integrated to create a visually beautiful floor.


This large design shows a 4-plank square surrounded by a larger square and is particularly great when installed in open spaces to showcase the full pattern.

If you are a homeowner who wants to combine traditional with contemporary, then a parquet floor may be the perfect solution. To view our full range, visit the Get Floors website or for further advice click here to contact us.

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