A Brief Introduction to Parquet Flooring

Dating back to the 1600’s, you may recognise the iconic parquetry pattern from older buildings such as museums and libraries. They are particularly famous for lining the floors in the palace of Versailles. But if you thought parquetry was a style that remained in that century, you would be very mistaken. Making regular revivals, parquet floors are a unique statement in any home and are a popular choice for homeowners who favour a decorative, patterned floor. If you are thinking about investing in a parquet floor but need some more information, keep reading…


One of the biggest appeals of parquet flooring is the various shapes you can lay the planks to create a stunning visual effect that instantly draws the eye in. These geometric designs range from sharp triangular angles to basket weave or brick bond. For simpler designs, the herringbone and chevron styles are two of the most popular choices (find out more about parquetry patterns in the following blog).


At Get Floors, we offer Boral Parquetry in a number of different wood species, grades and finishes. For example, if you are looking for a neutral shade of wood to brighten up a room, take a look at Blackbutt which is a sandy gold colour with a typically straight grain. On the other hand, if you want a floor with pronounced texture and lots of colour variation, try the Blue Gum which has a strong natural flair and lots of character.


The woods used in parquetry are hard-wearing making them great for busy traffic areas such as hallways and living areas. The depth that can be created with the various patterns is a great way to welcome guests into your home. It is visually stimulating, particularly when laid in a narrow/long entryway.


Parquet floors require the same maintenance as all engineered wood floors which is a nice and easy process. Simply sweep on a regular basis to collect any loose particles of dust and grit which prevents surface damage. For a deeper clean, opt for a damp mop and avoid abrasive materials/cleaners.

To find out more about our parquetry range, take a look at the Get Floors website or contact us on 1300 823 958.

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