Embracing a Bare Wood Floor

Do you ever feel like your solid wood floor is just missing something? Many people would jump to the conclusion that a rug is the answer to break up the expanse of timber. However, with the summer season well underway, you might be looking for ways to keep your room as cool as possible. Or perhaps you don’t want to invest in a rug just yet. Whatever the case, there are plenty of ways to add texture and warmth to a home without focusing solely on the floor.

Use contrasting colours

For light floors with softer undertones of grey, beige or white, try accented interior colours of black and white. You can also intersperse splashes of neutral browns to add some warmth. These interior shades will stand out against a naked floor in a way that catches people’s eyes but without taking all the attention away from the floor.

Mix up the textures

Choosing furniture with different textures adds layers to a room in the same way that a rug would. Instead of adding different floor textures, you can combine various interior materials such as rich velvet chairs, wicker woven tables, black leather sofas or classic vintage décor. A range of these will contrast well against an exposed floor.

Opt for a vivid interior

If bright wall colours and eccentric furniture items are suited to your taste, think about using this style to decorate your interior. This will draw the eye up and away from the floor, standing out as the primary focus. The bare floor will compliment the vibrant interior as opposed to being the immediate focal point.

Lay planks in a pattern

If you have not yet installed your wood floor, consider popular designs such as herringbone, chevron or diagonal. Laying your planks in one of these distinct patterns will be more than enough to keep the room from feeling stark.

Add some rustic features

A wood floor that has been sanded to look rugged and worn is in itself a thing of beauty. Rather than overshadowing this with an ornate rug, choose some rustic items to compliment the floor’s appearance. This can be anything from copper light fittings to a shabby-chic storage chest. They will give the room an inviting atmosphere and look great with the exposed planks.

For more ideas on bare floor interiors, check out our Inspiration Hub which features a number of wood styles and shades that look great as standalone floors. Alternatively, you can contact our helpful Get Floor team for professional help and advice.

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