The Seven Hottest Interior Design Trends of This Season

From design to colour, fashion and more, it seems like trends come and go in the blink of an eye before we ever get a chance to fully enjoy them. While trends may be fleeting, they’re usually a marker for great style that can outlive its time in the spotlight. 2019 may be coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of time to get in on the hottest interior design trends this season has to offer. 

Trend One – Timber Flooring

Nothing gives your rooms a timeless look that will survive coming and going trends quite like timber flooring. With various shades and styles available, you can easily tie in elements of your rooms. For example, your timber flooring could match your accents in every room to create a flowing look, or you could make it match your cupboards in the kitchen. Another option is to create an eye-catching design. 

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Trend Two – Natural Elements

Natural elements are making a comeback despite it being a technology-obsessed world. Fresh, natural materials like granite, stone, concrete and copper are taking over the biggest design trends. They give you a serene and organic feel to any room, and you can also consider adding flowers, plants or other elements to liven up your space.

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Trend Three – Floral Patterns

Although floral trends have had a place for decades, they’re making a big comeback with a fresh and modern twist. You should expect to see sharply contrasting colours, exaggerated sizes and playful scales all working together to enhance your design aesthetic. You don’t have to go big with the floral patterns to make a statement either. Consider a few throw pillows, photographs or a fun border in floral print.

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Trend Four – Rich Colours

In previous years, the design trend went to more muted tones and colours. Today, we’re seeing an increase in rich colours and vibrant hues in every room of the house. These rich colours can instantly make any more muted furnishings pop and stand out. Look for dramatic reds, bold yellows, vivid greens and statement pinks. They’ll all add an interesting contrast to your furniture and accent pieces.

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Trend Five – Brass Decor

It’s time for chrome-plated finishes and stainless steel to bow out in favour of warm brass. It’s a very subtle and romantic alternative to the more modern and chic steel look, and brass accents instantly add a warmer hue to a room. Consider updating your faucets and fixtures to brass and introduce an elegant element into your kitchen, washroom, laundry or bathroom.

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Trend Six – Black and White

Chic black and white decor will dominate at the end of 2019 for the timeless elegance that goes along with it. You’ll get a sense of boldness and balance to any room that you use this colour scheme in, and it gives you a graphic punch that’ll survive the coming and going trends. Additionally, black and white is easy to dress up or dress down with almost any colour palette.

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Trend Seven –  Vintage Lighting

The vintage look is coming back into style in a big way. Think vintage lighting or accent pieces that make your room stand out. Look for vintage sconces and pendants instead of bare lighting fixtures. They add a unique element that you can build your room around quickly and easily.

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Bottom Line

These seven design trends can help you create a cosy space that lasts through coming and going trends. Pick one or incorporate a few to create a space that you simply can’t wait to come back home to. 

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