6 Misconceptions of Bamboo Flooring

Growing in popularity, bamboo flooring is becoming a staple choice of flooring as it offers many benefits to homeowners. However, there are some common misconceptions about bamboo that may prevent you from investing in a bamboo floor. At Get Floors, we want to clear up some of these mistaken beliefs. So, here’s 6 false facts about bamboo and the truth behind them:

1. Bamboo is more expensive than wood

Quite the opposite – because it is a renewable resource, bamboo is an affordable option and generally a lot cheaper than solid hardwoods. If you compare the life cycles, wood can take over 100 years to fully mature whereas bamboo takes just 4-5 years. For this reason, bamboo flooring is often priced considerably lower than hardwood.

2. Bamboo is too soft and not durable

One of the most widely-held beliefs is that bamboo is a soft flooring material and not strong enough to last. Despite being made from grass, bamboo is actually harder than many traditional hardwoods. According to the Janka Scale which ranks floors in terms of durability, the majority of bamboo is tougher than oak flooring. Certain types of bamboo are even rated higher than exotic woods, proving their endurance and strength.

3. There aren’t many colours to choose from

Certainly not true – if there is a colour available in hardwood, chances are it is also available in bamboo. Due to popular demand, manufacturers began developing bamboo in a variety of shades to give homeowners a wider choice, encouraging them to consider bamboo in their home. Whether you are looking for a satin white, golden brown or a dark espresso, Getfloors have a diverse range of colours for you to choose from.

4. Bamboo floors won’t last

After debunking the myth about bamboo not being durable, this one is certainly a false statement. Presuming you take care of your bamboo floor and maintain it correctly, it can actually last for 100+ years.

5. They are not scratch-resistant

For most floors, scratch-resistance will depend on the finish. If a bamboo floor is coated with a decent finish, it is much more likely to stand up to scrapes and grazes. Chances are, bamboo will never need to be re-finished it is a material that is naturally resistant to dents and scratches.

6. Bamboo floors do not cope in extreme climates

Similar to hardwoods, bamboo planks will slightly expand and contract depending on the humidity within the home. In most parts of Australia, it is important to find a floor that can withstand high temperatures and humidity and bamboo should not be ruled out. To prevent the planks from adjusting, simply allow the bamboo to acclimate for 7-10 days before installing.

Hopefully any concerns you had about bamboo flooring have now been resolved and you can start a worry-free search for that new floor you’ve been dreaming of. You can check out Getfloors range of bamboo flooring here or contact us for advice.

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