Everything You Need to Know About GreenTree Flooring

Established by the Hurford Hardwood brand, Green Tree flooring is made exclusively from Certified Hardwood Plantations – a highly sustainable source of timber. With authentic and rustic features, GreenTree floors can be installed throughout the home, providing a distinctive character and a unique aesthetic. 

Embrace the natural look

Capturing the essence of the Australian Bush, GreenTree floors are brimming with culture and heritage. Each characteristic is unique and caused by natural elements, including scorched gum veins from burning wildfires or tightly condensed grains as a result of draught. No two floors are alike so you can guarantee an original hardwood, bursting with beauty.

An eco-friendly choice

Hurford Hardwood have put a great deal of effort into providing a fully ecological floor for their environmentally conscious customers. Investing in vast areas of farmland, local hardwood trees have been replanted to provide a sustainable flooring resource that can continue to thrive well into the future. With this in mind, you can rest assured that when you invest in a GreenTree floor, you are doing your bit for the environment.

Low carbon emissions

GreenTree Hardwood functions as a carbon sink, taking in 1 tonne of carbon for every cubic metre of growth whilst simultaneously releasing ¾ of a tonne of oxygen. Once harvested, the carbon is ‘locked’ away, making it the lowest carbon releasing building product available. The Biofuel produced during the logging process is utilised as a Biofuel in a local cogeneration power plant. The outcome of this is a carbon neutral alternative for fossil fuel energy.

What colours are there to choose from?

Currently available in two distinct shades, homeowners can pick the one that best suits their interior colour scheme.
Rose – with shades of light to medium red, the rose hardwood has prominent grain patterns and highlighting characteristics.
Blonde – A mixture of straw and sandy blonde, this floor also has subtle tones of honey throughout the layers.

For more information, check out the GreenTree brochure or contact Getfloors on 1300 823 958.

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