Update Your Living Space with a Cork Floor

Discover the comfort of cork with this sustainable yet signature floor.

When you think of cork, you probably picture wine bottle stoppers and the material used in bulletin boards. However, cork is actually highly versatile and has many properties that make it an ideal choice of flooring. Harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak, this process does not damage the tree in any way, meaning floors are the products of a completely renewable source. With this in mind, we have handpicked a selection of benefits that cork can bring to your home, creating an eco-friendly and inviting space:

Natural qualities

The soft surface of cork provides comfort underfoot and is popular in areas where you spend time on your feet (such as the kitchen). It is a natural insulator which is ideal for the Australian climate; warm and cosy in the winter, cool and refreshing in the summer. The insulation also reduces noise underfoot, muffling footsteps.

Visually appealing

With light shades of ivory and sand plus the dark contrasting hues of olive and leather, you can match your cork floor to suit your interior and personal style. Colours are preserved as the floor ages, adding to its long lifespan. Combining comfort, practicality and elegance, cork flooring gives a traditional material a modern twist.

Easy installation and care

With the ability to be laid over many pre-existing floor surfaces, installation has never been so simple. With a glue-free process, ReadyCork uses the Uniclic joining technique enabling boards to simply click into place. Once fitted, cork requires minimal maintenance; a damp mop and splash of detergent for general cleaning is sufficient.

Safety features

A hypoallergenic material, cork repels dust particles making it easier to clean and resulting in a healthier indoor air quality. It is also a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. As well as being impervious to water, mould and termites, cork is also fire resistant, making it a safe and reliable option in the home.  

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