Choosing Interior to Complement Your Bamboo Floor

Beautifully aesthetic and original, bamboo flooring brings warmth and space into a home, making it a focal point in any room. Sharing similarities with traditional hardwood, bamboo is a cost-effective alternative that is also incredibly eco-friendly.

If you have recently installed bamboo or are strongly considering, here’s three ways you can furnish your interior to accompany your beautiful bamboo floor.

Furnish with bamboo materials

For environmentally-conscious homeowners, opt for other bamboo elements such as ceiling panels, woven blinds and furniture like coffee tables and lampshades. As bamboo is a highly sustainable resource, you can really embrace a ‘green’ lifestyle through your eco-friendly interior. 

Good paint options for walls include light browns such as tan and taupe which provide a neutral balance between the bamboo floor and furniture. For a splash of colour, pale blue, sage green and fresh yellow are all great choices to highlight the natural hues found in bamboo.

Au naturel

Blonde bamboo floors such as our Natural shade add elegance and charm to a room, as well as versatility for the interior design. You can either choose a bold paint for the walls or softer tones like pink, lemon or peach to emphasize the warmth that radiates from the bamboo planks. Larger furniture items in neutral shades such as brown or grey signify a traditional look. 

The contemporary look

Although bamboo is available in multiple shades, light tones are the common choice for flooring. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a richer shade such as our dark brown Java and combine with a light ivory or porcelain coloured wall. Choosing furniture in neutral shades such as beige or light grey will enhance the dynamic contrast between the interior and the flooring, giving the room a modern feel.

Add a burst of colour to accessories, keeping the design modern and fresh. This works well for items such as pillows, rugs and wall art. Bold shades such as deep reds, sapphire blues and emerald greens will complement the dark hues of the bamboo floor.

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