Seven Interior Design Secrets for 2020

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to have a gift for interior design? They just “know” what will look great, how to arrange furniture and how to create the perfect lighting. The interior design world has secrets, and we’re going to spill some of the best-kept ones. This way, you’ll be able to use them in your own designs to create a flawless look effortlessly. 

Design Secret One – Wallpaper Livens up Ordinary Spaces

Think of all the areas in your home that get high traffic. Areas like hallways. powder rooms, pantries, coat closets and stairways come to mind. These areas are usually difficult to paint, and they show every fingerprint and smudge. Applying wallpaper adds durability, but it also livens of tight corners and darker areas. 


Design Secret Two – Wicker Adds Texture 

Wicker was popular years ago, but many people underestimate how much texture it can add to a room. You don’t have to have wicker furniture or large pieces. Instead, you can add a functional wicker basket to hold your papers or remotes. A small wicker animal placed strategically on your coffee table adds a whimsical element and a focal point as well. 

Image by Vanessa Canavesi from Pixabay

Design Secret Three – Timber Flooring Adds Warmth 

If you have cooler tones in your decorating scheme, timber flooring can add warmth to your decorating scheme. It can pull out the warmer earth tones. However, if you have orange walls, it can pull orange hues out of your flooring. Look for something that complements your style and colour palette. You can add a fun geometric pattern too. 

Image by Muntzir Mehdi from Pixabay

Design Secret Four – The Ceiling Can Redefine Your Space 

Think of your ceiling as a blank canvas that you can use to redefine the room, open it up or make it cosier. Taking advantage of this space is a great way to upgrade your room without doing any huge renovations. You can add colour, texture or pictures to create focal points that bleed down the walls and draw the eye around the room. 

Image by Annie Spratt from Pixabay

Design Secret Five  – A Bar Adds a Focal Point to the Room 

Do you entertain a lot? Maybe you want a centralised gathering area for those dinner parties or for when you have friends over. If so, adding a bar in your home gives you both. This doesn’t have to be a huge area, either. You can add a small corner bar or wine bar with all of your accessories. Just make sure you have enough room for all of the glasses, serving trays and liquor. 

Image by Roxy_BA from Pixabay

Design Secret Six – White Kitchens Are Always In Style 

White is classic, chic, and it’ll never go out of style. If you want to add an elegant touch to your home, white out your kitchen. Paint your cabinets white, have white countertops and paint the walls white. It contrasts beautifully with wood flooring or stainless appliances, and you can easily renovate around it without updating your colour scheme. 

Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

Design Secret Seven – Use Tall Furniture to Make Ceilings Seem Taller 

If you have lower ceilings in your home, you can easily give the illusion that they’re taller than they are. To do this, bring in a few taller pieces like bookshelves, cabinets or even a tall television stand. Since these pieces naturally draw your eye upwards, it creates the impression that your ceilings are higher than they are. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

These seven design secrets can help you capture your room’s essence and create a stunning look you can’t wait to spend time in. Use one or use them all and see how they work with your space. 

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