Easy to Install Flooring Options

If you are looking for a DIY project, here’s 4 hassle-free floors to install yourself.

When your floor is in need of an upgrade, the cost and installation fee can often add up to be an expensive and time-consuming job. However, there are a number of flooring types available that can save you the trouble of arranging an installation specialist. Here are some examples that show you just how easy DIY flooring can be:


Offering a number of long-term benefits, laminate flooring also comes in a range of colours and texture patterns to best suit your interior needs. Not only that, laminate is hard-wearing, cost-effective, scratch resilient and easy to maintain. When it comes to installation, our two brands of laminate Clix and Quick-Step use the fast and easy Uniclic method. With no glue necessary, this installation technique uses a simple locking system that joins planks together resulting in a strong, seamless finish.

Floating Timber

For homeowners who don’t want to rip out their old flooring, floating timber is the perfect solution that can be installed over tile, concrete and carpet. The term floating refers to the floor not being nailed or attached to the layer below. Instead, panels can be slotted in place over the current floor.
The HM Walk brand of floating timber is an eco-friendly option with a resilient, glossy surface that is installed using the Valinge locking system. The Quick-step Readyflor brand uses quality hardwood and is structurally sound thanks to the Uniclic Multi-fit installation.

Both methods are glue-less, nail-free and perfect for a DIY job.


A popular eco-friendly option, cork is available in a variety of shades from light blondes to rustic browns. This attractive flooring has many appeals, including durability, sustainability and the reduction of noise underfoot. When installing the Readycork flooring, the traditional Uniclic method is used, making the process quick and easy as you slot the panels together with a simple click.


Bearing a striking resemblance to traditional timber flooring, vinyl is a great cost-effective alternative that is also easy to maintain and water resilient. For easy and glue-less installation, the Hurford and Natural Impressionist brands of vinyl use the Valinge click method. For installation of the Quick-step range, a specific glue has been developed that spreads effortlessly to make DIY a quick and straightforward process. 

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