Preventing Tears in Sheet Vinyl

Cheap, easy to install, and available in a number of different colours and textures, sheet vinyl is of the original vinyl styles and is still used in owned and rented properties around the world. As durable as this floor covering can be, it’s also prone to tears and warping if it isn’t properly cared for. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how you can prevent tears in sheet vinyl flooring, regardless of its age.

Be Gentle with Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture is (usually) harmless when it’s sitting in one place. But when it’s being moved from one place to another, it can cause a surprising amount of damage to your vinyl. If possible, furniture should be lifted completely off of the floor while being moved from place to place; furniture that is extremely heavy should be moved with protection pads, which allow furniture to be pushed from one location to another without harming the floor.  


Furry friends are a joy to live with…as long as they don’t tear a hole in your floor. Whether due to anxiety or too much energy, some dogs may dig or gnaw at permanent features of your home. Unfortunately, even the most pet-friendly floors can’t be saved from an animal’s destructive habits.  If your pets haven’t learned proper indoor etiquette, keep them outside until you (or your family) are home to monitor their behaviour.

Prevent Water Damage

When vinyl floors become water damaged, they can also become more prone to tearing. One of the hallmarks of water damaged vinyl is bubbles that appear along the surface of the floor. These bubbles can “catch” on moving chairs, creating in small tears in the flooring.

Use Rugs:

If you’re worried that your family’s active lifestyle will get in the way of maintaining a long-lasting floor, consider adding rugs throughout your home. More than just a way to enhance interior design, rugs create an extra layer between sheet vinyl and bustling feet.

Two types of rugs to consider include:

  • Area rugs: Perfect for living and bedrooms, area rugs cover large amounts of space and can be purchased for anywhere from $70 AUD and up.
  • Standing Mats: Perfect for areas like the kitchen and shower, these standing mats create a softer feel underfoot and protect your vinyl from potential water damage that is so common in moisture-rich areas. Depending on the brand you choose, small space rugs can be purchased for about $35 AUD and up.

Although vinyl flooring may tear occasionally, if it’s cared for properly it can be one of the longest lasting and low-maintenance floors your family has owned. By carefully moving chairs and other furniture, protecting your floors from water damage, and teaching indoor pets household etiquette will help to prevent tears in vinyl flooring caused by the accidents of everyday life. If you have any questions about whether you should choose sheet vinyl for your home, contact us today.  

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