A Hard-Wearing Floor that Loves Water

The RCB Hybrid Range by Aspire is a floating floor in the Luxury Vinyl category. Using next-generation manufacturing methods, the floor was designed to be tough, stable and waterproof, making it a great choice for every room in the house. Let’s look at the characteristics in more detail:

High performing

The floor utilises a rigid core board (RCB) that is a composite material formed from inactive mineral compounds that have superior stability. This means there is very little movement once installed and is a characteristic of a tough, durable floor.

Realistic wood look

The Aspire Hybrid floor is made from vinyl but shares very close visual and textural similarities to solid wood. This is due to advances in technology allowing for such close matches that make it increasingly difficult to tell the difference. The planks are available in classic width and super width.


The floor is finished with a water-based PU coating making it resistant to everyday wear. It is also waterproof which is a big appeal for homes, commercial premises and office spaces. There is also an acoustic sound pad attached the planks to reduce noise as well as adding a layer of comfort underfoot.

Covering classic and contemporary

The floors come in a range of styles, from traditional Australian timber species to modern, more subtle wood shades. The former provides a room with personality and warmth, showcasing the beautiful textures found in popular species of Blackbutt and Spotted Gum. The latter appeals to customers seeking a contemporary flair, with colour choices ranging from silver moon to twilight mist.

Easy installation

This brand of vinyl is easy to install yourself without relying on experts. Simply score and snap, clicking the long edges and pressing the short end to fit. They’re a great choice for renovations as they can be installed over existing tiles.

For more information on our Aspire RCB Hybrid range, visit the Get Floors website or talk to one of our flooring experts using the contact form online.

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