4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Home

At one point in our lives or another we have wanted to change something about our home or space. Maybe you have had that same wall colour for 20+ years or are in serious need of new lighting fixtures. In today’s post, we have put together our four best tips to restyle your home effortlessly and without spending too much money.

1)    Update Old Light Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to update your home is to simply update your light fixtures. Now, we are not saying to change every lighting fixture in your home.  However we do suggest picking a high volume area, for example the living room, to give the area a facelift.

2)    Replace kitchen flooring

One of the highest used areas in your home is undoubtedly the kitchen as its where ‘the heart of the home is’. The kitchen is a place for preparing delicious food, which unfortunately means standing for a long period of time. We recommend replacing your kitchen floor with Cork Flooring, as it features a soft layer of underfoot flooring that gives your floor a more comfortable and cushiony feel.

3)    Create a feature wall

Have you felt that your bathroom, dining room or entrance hall was missing a bit of pizzazz?  Why not creating a feature wall? The wall can include anything from colour, to concrete, a chalk wall or even refinished wood. Your feature wall will compliment your style and space of your home. The feature wall will make a statement in your home without overwhelming yourself and the entire house.

4)    Modernize Your Furniture

Although you may not want to admit it to yourself, it is probably time replace some of that old furniture in your home. Maybe the budget won’t allow you to replace all of your furniture, which is where Pinterest comes into play. Pinterest offers you a great range of ways to modernise your furniture with a bit of creativity and patience.

If you are ready to update your flooring and have any questions about Cork Flooring or any of the other flooring styles that we have, contact one of our friendly flooring specialists today!

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