The Top Cork Flooring Trends in 2019

Although cork flooring is relatively new, the material is already present in many of our everyday products. As a flooring option, it has shown a side that nobody has seen before: incredibly interesting and beautiful to look at, and as appealing to the feet as it is to the eyes. Different colours, patterns, shapes and finishes are available to choose from. Here are the cork flooring trends that are in vogue this year.

Finishes: Stained and High-Gloss Paint

Move over, original light sandy colour.

The bare surface of cork flooring is matte and so subdues the flooring somewhat, especially if it’s a darker colour. It can function like a blank canvas for custom finishes, which in 2019 translates to stained and high-gloss paint. A stain merely tints the cork, allowing you to still see the granules in all their glory. But if you’d rather have the colour as the stand-out feature, go for high-gloss paint. Either finish is great for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. 

Looks: Wood, Parquetry and Marbleised

If you’re looking for a flooring option that can pass for wood, you’re in luck. The wood look is created by glueing printed sheets of wood-patterned designs onto the cork. But in the parquet look, that same cork is arranged in a herringbone, double herringbone or chevron pattern. These faux looks provide cheaper alternatives to the real thing.

But wait, you might say. Isn’t cork another type of wood? 


Although cork is a bark that comes from a tree (Cork Oak), it has a very different structure and texture. With cork flooring, you can have the look of wood with none of the drawbacks (like cost) and enjoy the elastic, heat and sound insulating properties that make cork so cosy.

Another option is the marbleised look. Yes, the fascinating swirls of primary colours mixed with natural tones that create the faux marble made it to cork flooring. 

All of these looks are commonly seen in living rooms and dining rooms.

Shade: Dark

If homeowners in 2019 choose just one shade for their cork flooring, it’s usually the dark kind. 

Pattern: Chequered

The solid colour options you get with cork flooring can be combined two at a time for chequered, houndstooth and other contrasting patterns.

But when it comes to the chequered, the classic black-and-white look seems to pop up almost every year in at least one flooring option, and this year it was cork. Two colours are enough to visually stimulate and avoid the overwhelming look three colours can bring to an already-busy flooring. A chequered pattern works well for hallways and kitchens.

Textures: Medium and Large Granules

There are a few possible textures cork flooring can have depending on how it is put together: different sized granules, peeled cork, and burled cork. The beauty of medium and large granules are their speckled appearance. Homeowners this year tend to choose either if they do not want to stain or paint their cork flooring; otherwise, they usually settle on small granules. 

Composition: Solid

Although engineered and recycled (mosaic) cork are also available, it’s the solid version that has won the hearts of most cork fans this year.

The natural matte surface of cork flooring can tend to make it appear dull, especially if the colour is dark. Adding a high-gloss finish gives it the boost it needs to stand out.

Cork flooring is one of the most modern options out there. It is comfortable, renewable, and attractive enough for people to enjoy it if they want to invest in it. The latest and greatest 2019 trends are very similar to those of hardwood, parquetry and marble, while others are completely unique to cork itself. They show just how flexible cork flooring can be.

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