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Flooring trims are installation accessories that close the gap between new floorboards and hard-to-reach areas of your home, or in instances where special flooring profiles are required. Used for floor spaces that meet with awkward corners (such as doorways or stairs), floor trims such as incizos create an effortless transition from your floor into these hard-to reach places. Incizos are a multi-purpose trim available in a variety of edge shapes, allowing them to fit perfectly in even the most hard to reach places. These trim fits include:

Ends: A pre-installation trim that allows boards to transition onto vertical surfaces and floor coverings.

Borders: A post-fit trim transition to accommodate vertical surfaces and floor coverings.

Universal: A trim that quickly joins two surfaces of equal height. Occasionally, two surfaces with slightly different heights can be joined with this trim.

Ramp: Ramp trims join two surfaces of significantly different heights.

Stair: This trim cut functions as an easily installed stair nose for floors of 8mm to 14mm thick.

H- Trims: A trim cut that acts as a control joint for low-profile areas such as doorways.

L-Trims: These trim accessories are used to cap the edges of an existing floor.

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