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Flooring Accessories

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No flooring installation can begin without the support of accessories that enhance its look, feel, and durability. These added features include things like underlays, expansion gaps, and floor skirts, all of which must be laid prior to flooring installation for a seamless transition from old to new boards.

Acoustic underlays are flooring accessories that sit between the existing floor in your home, and the new flooring materials you plan to install. They are essential for all types of floor installation, including vinyl, timber, cork, and more. Although underlays are primarily used to create an even floor surface, they also absorb sound, provide added cushioning to the floor, and create a moisture barrier that reduces the chance of mold and mildew seeping up from the ground.
Trims and incizos are a range of products that allow your new flooring to fluidly transition into the awkward areas of your home. These trims are often placed in areas such as doorways, rises, stair edges, and against pre-installed tile. As these accessories will be visible, they are available in an enormous range of materials, prints, and colors to ensure they blend effortlessly with your true floor.
The finishing touch to your flooring will be completed with either scotia or beading, either of which is a must for covering the expansion gaps that are inevitable in any new floor. These accessories are placed between your new floor and wall, and create a seamless transition between your new flooring and the wall of your home. Like our trims and incizos, the beading and scotia we offer are available in a wide range of print and color options.

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