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Regupol is a branded material originally developed over forty years ago. Since then, Regupol has redeveloped its initiral composition of rubber granules and polyurethane binders into a vast range of high quality flooring materials. Now, this brand is known world-wide for refining and expanding the methods of underlay design and application.
Each underlay in this range has been designed for specific flooring applications, including products unique to timber, bamboo, engineered timber, and more. Though most products are specifically designed to suit a certain floor type, some are appropriate for use in multiple applications. Regupol underlays are designed to complement a range of colors, and use only recycled material to reduce the environmental impact of each floor. At Get Floors, we understand that the best quality underlay leads to an exceptionally installed floor. This is why we make the Regupol acoustic underlays available at a competitively affordable price.

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