Hurford Solid Timber Brushbox

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Please note; for orders of 40m2 or less, there is a break pack fee of $80.

Brush Box (Lophostemon Confertus)

Brush Box is an Australian hardwood which grows along Australia’s east coast from Sydney to Cairns, popularly used for interior floors. It has an interlocking grain and smooth texture, with minimal feature. The colour tends towards medium brown to deep red browns, with some lighter pinks also in evidence.  Its colour and texture allow Brush Box to be a very refined choice for any interior. 

Select Grade

Select grade timber has the minimum allowable occurrence of natural features such as gum veins and pin holes, with those features it does contain having the minimum allowable dimensions.


Structural Solid Timber

Structural solid timber denotes timber that can be used as the primary structural floor. It ranges from 19mm thickness and above. Structural timber must be “top nailed”, meaning the nails go through the top of the plank at a 90 degree angle and into the sub-structure. The head of the nail sits below the surface level of the plank, and the resultant small hole is filled with an appropriate filler.

Overlay Solid Timber

Overlay Solid timber denotes timber which must be installed over an existing structural floor, such as existing floorboards or a concrete slab. As the Overlay timber is a non-structural floor, it does not require “top nailing”, and can rather be “secret nailed”. This means that the nail is inserted at a 45 degree angle through the tongue of the timber plank along its edge, and into the substrate.

Product Details

Brand: Hurford

Colour: Medium brown to deep red brown, with some lighter pink.

Wood Species: Brush Box

Style: Solid Timber

Similar Species: Qld Spotted Gum

Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 19mm, 21mm, 32mm

Width: 80mm, 83mm, 86mm, 130mm, 180mm, 245mm

Janka Rating: 9.5

Timber Weight: 850kg/m2

Durability: Class 3

Pack Size: N/A

Product Warranty: Manufactured to Australian Standards AS2796