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BT Bamboo Flooring Accessories

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No floor is complete without the right flooring accessories, which aid in transitioning your true flooring into hard-to-reach places such as stairs and corners. For homeowners interested in an aesthetically beautiful and environmentally responsible floor, the BT Bamboo Accessories range is likely the best choice for you. This collection of BT Bamboo flooring accessories includes:

Stair Nosing: This accessory will allow you to transition your standard floor into small stair edges.
Reducers: Reduces are used to complete gaps where ramps are present, or to transition to a lower-level surface.
T-Moulds: These flooring accessories will allow you to create a seamless edge along two different floor surfaces.
Scotia: Scotia is used to over the required 10mm expansion gap present between your actual floor and the wall.

To make mimicking your floor’s color finish possible, each of these BT Bamboo flooring accessories are available in a wide range of colors.