Searching for an affordable floor with hassle-free installation that still looks amazing? Look no further than our stunning range of laminate flooring.

There’s a reason why laminate flooring has never gone out of style. With so many benefits including durability and easy maintenance, laminate flooring also comes in a variety of colours, making it easy for you to choose the shade that best suits your interior décor. Perhaps the most popular reason for laminate is the resemblance it has to authentic timber, where the grains and textures of real wood can be replicated at a more affordable price. Here are some of our laminate options for those considering this versatile flooring in their home:


  • Quick-Step Classic

Hard-wearing and durable, this stylish laminate flooring has strong similarities to engineered timber and is a great cost-effective alternative. The Havanna Oak styles come with distinct saw cuts, giving the floor an authentic hand-crafted feel. For contemporary character and quality, opt for a dark wood, making it a major focal point in any room. Alternatively, the lighter shades of wood provide a rich depth of colour, emphasising a classic style.


  • Noblesse

Produced in Switzerland, this distinctive flooring has all the qualities of the country it was crafted in. Not only is it an eco-friendly option, the Noblesse style is beautiful, fresh and original. Benefits include resilience, anti-fade and easy maintenance. Available in a variety of shades from Butternut to Bourbon, you are sure to find the staple colour for your home.


  • Oakleaf

For homeowners looking to make small rooms appear bigger, Oakleaf is the laminate style to make that happen. Designed using extra wide planks, this flooring will give the impression of more space. The Oakleaf collection exhibits a range of contemporary finishes and is available in a multitude of tones. Maintaining a similar structure and texture to timber flooring, this laminate evidences the same high-levels of quality and sophistication.


  • Titan

Displaying strong similarities to traditional Australian hardwood, this fine range of flooring has all the benefits without the hefty price tag. Not only is this laminate scratch resistant and moisture-proof, but the depth of colour will also remain throughout the floors lifetime.

Titan is available in two series:

- Select 8mm features two plank designs and has a beautifully refined finish.

- Select 12mm Longboard is a little thicker with a glossy sheen and bevelled exterior.

Available in a number of colours, this laminate offers natural shades of neutral to rich tones of red.