Renovating your home is exciting, and studies suggest that there are a lot of practical benefits of having a well-designed living space. Picking new colours, textures, and décor can start out as lots of fun; but with so many decisions to make during a home remodel, it helps to have a few resources on-hand to offer ideas. Today, let’s take a look at some of the best places to source inspiration for your next renovation.


HGTV has been a resource for homeowners for years, and has blogged about how the right colour scheme in a home can improve energy and support relaxation. Their website offers an enormous selection of flooring ideas and trends to browse through. Take your time browsing through images and videos of beautiful home interiors while your gather ideas for your new remodel.


Better Homes & Gardens:

A resource loaded with installation tips, design recommendations, and plenty of visuals for brainstorming, Better Homes & Gardens is a go-to site for homeowners around the world. Their Home Improvement section is full of before-and-after pictures, DIY testimonies, and more.  


Tired of reading page after page of recommendations? Pinterest is perfect for homeowners who want to just browse through thousands of photos. One of the top reasons people use Pinterest is to find inspiration for projects, and for good reason. The site is full of endless flooring and interior design ideas, and you can even bring your inspiration into the flooring showroom with you thanks to the Pinterest app.


Airbnb is an extremely popular travel site that allows homeowners to rent out their home to qualified travelers, but it can also be used to inspire your next flooring remodel. If you’re curious what kind of interior design is popular in your area, take a look at Airbnb to get an idea of how rental homes near you are being designed.


Twitter might be a social site, but it’s also a great place to find interior design ideas. Today, 47% of the site’s users are there for news updates and the latest industry information. With millions of posts published each day, Twitter is a collection of blogs and photos that you can use for your brainstorming. If you’re seeking help from an interior designer to help you pick a color scheme or furniture to match your new floor, Twitter is also a great resource for sourcing qualified professionals.  

Your Flooring Supplier:

The web may give us thousands of design ideas, but the countless options can be overwhelming when you’re on a tight schedule. Homeowners who need a concentrated list of the best (and most readily available) designs should ask their flooring provider for inspiration & ideas that will help them pick a quality floor that not only matches their interior but is stocked and ready for installation.


Picking a new floor for your home is an exciting experience, but doing your research before picking a material and design is a must to make sure you’re happy with your decision. Be sure to consider your floor’s durability, colour, and protecting finish to make sure you pick something that will match your interior and support your busy (or relaxing) lifestyle. If you need help picking the best floor material or style for your home, contact our flooring experts for a professional opinion.