2017 is right around the corner, and hundreds of homeowners are planning a home renovation in light of the New Year. As we all know, no home renovation is complete without a dazzling floor to act as the centre focal point.

In today’s post, we’ll arm you with the latest information on the flooring trends to watch (and maybe implement) in 2017.


Wide Planked Hardwood


Wide plank floors took off in popularity during 2016, and they aren’t showing any sign of slowing down. According to Kim Walgreen, the Editor of Hardwood Floors Magazine, gray tones and matte finishes will go hand in hand with wide planks in the future.  


Light Wood


In the past, dark hardwood floors were considered classic and sophisticated. Moving into 2017, however, lighter floors will likely be a priority for interior designers and DIY home remodels. If you’re considering adding solid or engineered wood to your home, consider using blonde or light grey tones.


Vintage Looks


Vintage floors (or chic floors with vintage rugs layered on top) are both great ways to embrace the trendy look of aged home features.


Contrasting Materials


According to Interiorzine, contrasting textures will be a popular interior design style in 2017 for bathrooms, and we’re willing to bet this trend will carry over into other rooms of the home when it comes to flooring. Use this style to divide rooms and add a unique visual touch to an otherwise plain room.


Contemporary Carpeting


While classic interior design is still popular among older generations, millennial’s often lean towards artistic interior spaces that lend to an exciting atmosphere. In 2017, it’s likely that carpet will take an unexpected turn towards environmentally friendly materials and unique designs.


Eco-Friendly Floors


In all industries, environmental friendliness has become a growing priority. When it comes to floors, there are a few materials that stand out against the crowd for their environmental sustainability.

A few eco-friendly flooring options to consider include:


Hand Scraped Woods


Hardwood floors typically come in wire-scraped or hand-scraped textures. At first, the differences between these two styles may seem miniscule, but when viewed from a distance the difference is obvious. Wire-scraped wood has a more manufactured texture, whereas hand-scraped wood has a more authentic, hand-made appearance.


Oversized Rugs


Extra-large area rugs have been a popular choice for homeowners with all types of flooring, and in 2017’s flooring trends we don’t expect this style to fade at all. In the New Year, expect animal prints, simple but sophisticated patterns, and bold coloured rugs to stand out in interior design.


Flooring is the primary focal point of your home, making it the perfect upgrade for a 2017 remodel. If you have any questions about the best type of floor covering for your home or lifestyle, contact our experts today.